The world from the 38th parallel is a story that opens a window

on everyday life in the most militarized planet demilitarized zone

that divides for 60 years to North and South Korea.

   Interview with Yoon Mee-Hyang:


"Japanese soldiers abducted and prostituted some 200,000 girls and young".


   During World War II, the victims were taken to 'comfort centers' military barracks. These women, who are now over 80 years old, demanding an official apology to Japan since 1991.


Video published on 19/12/2013

   Starving or hanging in the central courtyard of one of the concentration camps is a daily reality for more than 200,000 people in North Korea.


   There, the government of Kim Jong Un not only confines those it considers "traitors of the Supreme Leader", but also to the

three generations near,

that is to say, the grandparents, brothers, children and grandchildren of the main suspect.


Video published on 30/10/2013


"I hope to see my family

before they die,

it's 63 years

since we're apart"


   Jong Yeol Park is one of the 10 million families separated between North and South Korea.


   Today a hundred of them had to meet again, but the government of Kim Jong-un has suspended the encounter.


Video published on 25/09/2013