Microfusa experience

At microFusa we have wanted to give voice to our students

so that they can talk to each other about their motivations,

the reality of the sector once their studies are finished and all those issues

that are important during and after their training.

In the first of our #microFusaExperience, Neus Ballbé, a student of Music Production, talks with Dani Molina, a former student of the

Specialty Music Production and a multi-faceted saxophonist, who advises her on music,

work and learning, as well as talking

about Your first person experience.

Take note!

In this second #microFusaExperience, Tito Cava, a former DJ student at the microFusa Barcelona school who currently works with labels such as Happy Techno and Baboon Recordings, is face to face with Manel Calle, current DJ student, who does not miss the opportunity to Ask him about everything that worries him about the profession. Enjoy the conversation!

In this last #microFusaExperience

we have gathered Ana López,

a sound professional from the microFusa

Barcelona school together with Pere Estupiñà,

currently a student of the sound specialty.

And this has been the most interesting result.

Enjoy it!